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In the event that divorced parents have shared medical decision making, there are two options:

1.  Both parents need to attend all appointments.

2.  One parent needs to be designated as the "point person" who will communicate all medical decisions to the absent parent.  Dr. Richker will not make separate phone calls to the absent parent to repeat what has been discussed during the appointment.

If divorced parents do not have an amicable relationship and cannot communicate appropriately, Dr. Richker cannot treat their child.

For divorced parents where one parent has full medical decision making:  The designated parent should provide a copy of the legal document explaining medical decision making, including any stipulations that require medical decisions to be communicated to the other parent.  Again, Dr. Richker will not call absent parents to communicate details of treatment.  This responsibility falls to the designated parent with medical decision making.  This will be reviewed during the first appointment.

For divorced parents who have shared medical decision making